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Refloactive - leader of the certificated reflectors in Poland

In the Refloactive shop you will find mainly certified reflectors made of the highest quality materials.

Products in our store usually have 2 certificates - one for the product, the other for the reflective tape placed on the product.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of reflectors certified in Poland.
odblaski salzmann

We have the exclusive right to distribute reflectors of Salzmann brand - an authorized manufacturer of reflective clothing and accessories 3M Scotchlite.
The motto of the brand are the words "Making People Visible!".

The reflectors have been designed in this way to ensure safety and comfort when you are on the road, behind the house in low light conditions.
Many products are tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with the provisions of CE EN20471, EN1150 and EN13356.
These products are considered "Personal protective equipment" in accordance with directive 89/686/EWG.

Kando Plus - exclusive distributor of Salzmann reflectors in Poland.
3M Scotchlite

The 3M brand is the industry leader when it comes to reflective materials / foils.
The 3M company also offers innovative technological solutions.

3M Scotchlite - attractive reflective material (usually foil), visible element of clothing in poor visibility / lack of lighting.

3M reflectors - focus on quality!


Proviz - a British company producing modern bicycle clothing - reflective. The recipe for success in this industry can be achieved through innovative solutions - just "Shine".

The fashion of clothing does not differ from the latest trends.
The most attention attract numerous reflective tapes and massive side panels.
The materials used are characterized by high quality of workmanship and a very high level of breathability.

Proviz clothes and accessories are products of a high level of performance - at a priced price in relation to quality - Proviz reflectors are more than a reflector.