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Welcome to the refloactive.eu

Good outfit must match its user.
It is you who decide what to put on yourself.

Taking care of your comfort, you can take care of your safety at the same time. Choose the unique reflective clothing from the REFLOACTIVE collection from the world's best manufacturers: PROVIZ, 3M Scotchlite are the brands that guarantee a top-notch product, ideally suited to your needs and expectations. 
Premium product at a good price. 
Are you running, cycling, skiing, Nordic walking?
REFLOACTIVE shop is the perfect place for you.

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Please read the rules of the shop so that everything is clear :). Remember that we are waiting for your questions and we are always available in case of any ambiguity.
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Reflectives for women

Be yourself, do not let anyone change you.
You deserve the highest quality.
You deserve the best.
Take care of yourself.
Safety does not necessarily mean a restriction.
Safety and style can go hand in hand.
In Refloactive they go.

Reflectives for men

Yes! It's here! Looking for solutions that perfectly fit your needs? 
Not interested in indirect options? 

In Refloactive you'll find clothing and reflective accessories dedicated to a contemporary, active man. 

You will find something for yourself.

Reflectives for children

For a child, nothing is impossible. 
There are also no dangerous things. 

It's us - adults - we know that you have to remember where is the limit your child should not exceed. 

Take care of your baby's safety and ensure his happy childhood.


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