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PayU Payment

Online payments. Pay online the way you like. 
With PayU you can pay by online payment by wire transfer, traditional transfer or payment card.

Payment Transfers 24

In Refloactive you can also pay with a quick online transfer. After selecting this payment method you will be redirected to Przelewy24, where you will indicate your bank. Then sign in with your internet banking access data and confirm your payment. Przelewy24 has a Business Credibility Certificate and uses SSL encryption to protect the websites and confidentiality of data transmitted electronically. This guarantees a high level of transaction security.

Płatność iMoje

cash on delivery

Any order in the Refloactive store can be ordered directly upon receipt of the parcel from the courier. 
Make sure the address you entered is correct and contains all the information needed to ship the item. 
Also provide your phone number to facilitate contact. 
Prepare a deduction amount. 
Courier is not obliged to give change.

Payment by credit card

At Refloactive we accept payment by MasterCard and Visa. 
The payment card will be charged only after the shipment has been shipped. 
In case of return, the amount will be credited back to your payment card account. 
Your payment card data is transmitted using SSL encryption. 
This gives you full security.

Account number

90 1050 1139 1000 0090 3157 4974 - ING BANK ŚLĄSKI EUR