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Reflective Stickers

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The reflective stickers* are reflective Refloactive gadgets designed for children. 

Sometimes as parents we are not able to see all situations in which our child can find himself, that is why it is good to be prepared for every scenario. 
For these purposes we can use the reflectors for children in a form of stickers which can be easily attached to a backpack or jacket as well anyother object which the child has always with him/her. 
These reflective gadgets made from prismatic foil are very durable and resistant to weather conditions, such as rain or sun.

They can be attached to bicycles, scooters, roller skates or helmets (these are also intended for skiing or snowboarding).

We offer stickers both made from 3M certified foil with the value of lightreflection of 700 cd/lux.

We can produce stickers in an individual shape according to the customer’s order.

Reflective stickers to order - just from 100 pieces.