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Terms & Conditions

Article 1

The owner of the online store www.refloactive.eu is:

Refloactive ​limited liability company
Rynkowska 2 street
85-503 Bydgoszcz

VAT no.: 554 293 26 13
REGON no.: 36287259600000

This website can be used by any person over 18 years of age who read the Terms & Conditions.

A user can register on the website by completing a special form and creating a user account which allows to use the website to its fullest extent including, in particular, to take advantage of special offers addressed to registered users, track orders, etc.

Registration of a user account is voluntary and free of charge. It is not required for standard use of the website or, in particular, order placement and execution. Additional services can be added to the website. They will be described in detail.

A user account can be blocked or deleted without prior notification if the Owner (Administrator) discovers a breach of Terms & Conditions. When erasing user data, the Owner erases all data contained in the database.

Article 2
Transaction parties

1. The party making a purchase at the www.refloactive.eu online store, hereinafter referred to as the Buyer, shall be a natural person of age or a company, i.e. a natural person carrying out commercial activity, a legal person or any other entity without legal personality.

2. The party selling products included in the offer of the www.refloactive.eu online store, hereinafter referred to as the Seller, is the owner of the store:

Refloactive limited liability company
Rynkowska 2 street
85-503 Bydgoszcz

Article 3
Safety of electronic transactions

All electronic transactions are protected under the Personal Data Protection Act (Journal of Laws no. 133, item 883).
Personal data provided by a user for the purpose of transaction execution are stored on a secure server, on a separate account. Data provided by a user during the online payment process are protected by specialist Internet payment systems.

Article 4
Store offer

1. Transactions concluded between the parties on the Internet shall include products listed in the offer presented on the stores website, www.refloactive.eu, at the time of the order.

2. All prices of goods available in the store are given in Euro and include VAT (gross prices).

3. Products offered in the store are brand new, have all required attestation and a marketing authorisation in Poland.

4. The content of the online store does not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of art. 543 of the Civil Code.

5. Photographs of products offered by the www.refloactive.eu store are for illustration only and may sometimes differ from the actual appearance of the product or not show all the details. The Sellers employees are ready to answer all questions and concerns regarding the products appearance, technical parameters or other characteristics and, if needed, to provide photographs or drawings to dispel any doubts.

6. All products and names mentioned are used for identification purposes and can constitute registered trademarks of their respective owners. 

7. The real colours can differ from the provided visualisations/projects. The colour registration tolerance is +/- 3 mm.

Article 5
Ordering products

1. An order can be placed at the www.refloactive.eu online store by:

  • adding items to the cart and completing a standard order form at the store;
  • or sending an e-mail with details concerning the ordered goods to the stores e-mail address (sklep@refloactive.eu) along with a written confirmation of reading the Terms & Conditions available at www.refloactive.eu.

2. By placing an order users give their consent to the storage and processing of personal data included in the order by the Seller for the purpose of transaction execution in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (Journal of Laws no. 133, item 883).

Bank account number:

ING BANK ŚLĄSKI, EUR account no.: 90 1050 1139 1000 0090 3157 4974

The information pertains to goods that we do not have on stock, which you will be informed about.

4. Every order placed in the www.refloactive.eu store has to be confirmed by the Seller and then by the Buyer. To confirm the content of the order and clarify all details, an employee of www.refloactive.eu will contact the Buyer by e-mail or telephone within 2 working days from order placement and, after making arrangements, the employee shall present order performance conditions including, in particular:

  • confirmation of the type, quantity and value of ordered goods;
  • calculation of shipping costs;
  • delivery address;
  • order delivery date.

5. If an order cannot be confirmed, for instance, through the fault of the Buyer (incorrect telephone number, no reply to a confirmation request sent by e-mail), the order will be cancelled and any personal data pertaining thereto will be erased from the database.

6. Delivery of goods that the Seller has in stock shall take place within 5 working days from the order date. Delivery of goods available on request shall take place within individually agreed periods of which the Buyer will be notified within 2 working days from order placement under the order performance conditions.

7. If a Buyer placed an order for non-standard goods or a large quantity of goods, the Seller can, during the order confirmation process, demand an advance payment towards order execution or an advance payment of the value of the order which shall be stated in the order performance conditions. The aforementioned advance payment will be confirmed by a VAT invoice issued by the Seller. 

8. Upon presentation of the order performance conditions by the Seller, the Buyer shall send an acceptance of the said conditions by e-mail to the address sklep@refloactive.eu.

9. By placing an order and accepting the order performance conditions the Buyer authorises the www.refloactive.eu online store to issue an invoice without the Buyers signature.

10. Upon confirmation of order acceptance and acceptance of order performance conditions, a contract of sale is concluded between the Buyer and the www.refloactive.eu online store.
A contract for the sale of goods can be concluded only in Polish.

Article 6
Methods of payment

1. Cash payment upon collection of goods.

2. Transfer of the full or partial amount before the delivery of goods, based on order performance conditions accepted by the Buyer which shall specify the ordered goods, the value of the goods, order delivery date as well as all details of the Seller required to make the transfer. After payment of a respective amount has been credited to the account, the Seller shall promptly commence order execution. The Buyer shall quote the order number in the payment narrative. Upon the Buyers request the Seller undertakes to send a document in PDF format or a scan of the pro-forma invoice by e-mail.

3. Cash on delivery.

Article 7
Transport and delivery of goods

1. Delivery of products ordered in the www.refloactive.eu online store is carried out throughout the country.

2. A client has the right to choose the mode of delivery:

  • personal collection from the Sellers warehouse;
  • courier delivery executed by a shipping company. The delivery cost is specified in the courier companys pricelist and is estimated automatically on the basis of the weight at order placement and then confirmed by the Seller and submitted to the Buyer for acceptance.

3. If the delivered shipment does not comply with the order placed, the Buyer should refuse to accept the goods that were not ordered and promptly notify the Seller about it. Acceptance of a shipment confirmed by the Buyers signature on the bill of lading shall be regarded as confirmation of conformity with the order.

4. Shipment collection from a courier company has to be confirmed through a signed receipt. Upon signing the receipt, the title to the goods and all risks relating to the ownership and use, in particular the risk of loss or damage, are transferred to the Buyer.

5. When collecting the goods the Buyer is obliged to check if the shipment was damaged during transport. In order for any claim to be processed in that regard, a Damage Protocol should be drawn up in the presence of an employee of the shipping company.

6. Order delivery takes between 3 to 5 working days. This time is needed to record the payment, prepare a package and deliver it. Couriers deliver shipments between 8 am and 5 pm (Mon-Fri.).

Article 8
Complaints, warranty, returns

1. At the time of collection of goods the Buyer is obliged to promptly check the goods. Any external damage should be immediately reported to the employees present on delivery or the courier and the Sellers employee should be contacted. The basis for a complaint is a sales receipt, declaration of damage in the presence of persons delivering the shipment as well as a Damage Protocol.

2. All products purchased in the www.refloactive.eu store are brand new.

In the absence of the manufacturers warranty card, the basis for a complaint is a VAT invoice issued by the Seller. Complaints based on an VAT invoice will be processed within a period of up to 1 year from the date of invoice issue.

3. A complaint notification should be sent by mail or e-mail and include the number of a purchase document, a detailed description of a fault of defect as well as a printed or digital photograph (if the fault or defect can be photographed).

4. Complaints will be processed within 30 days from the date of notification receipt by the Seller. Following admittance of a complaint, the execution time of a complaint (replacement or repair) is 7 working days for goods that are on stock. The execution time of a complaint may be extended depending on the availability of goods in suppliers warehouses, of which the Buyer will be notified via e-mail or telephone.

5. Whereas the ordering party bears the sole responsibility for the type, quality, contents and consequences of possible defectiveness of materials delivered for printing, the print shop is responsible for the quality of the material used to provide the service (art. 641 of the Civil Code), unless the material was provided by the client.

Article 9 
The right to withdraw from the contract

1. Under art. 27 of the Act on Consumer Rights, the Buyer has the right to withdraw from a distance contract without cause and without incurring any costs, excluding costs specified in art. 33 and 34 of the Act on Consumer Rights.

2. The period to withdraw from a distance contract is 14 days from the delivery of goods. In order to observe the deadline, it is enough to send a declaration before the expiry thereof.

3. In the event of withdrawal, the contract shall be considered invalid and the Buyer shall be relieved from all obligations. The services rendered by the parties shall be returned in an unchanged condition, unless the change was necessary within the framework of ordinary management. The return should take place immediately, but not later than within fourteen days. The costs of return delivery of products purchased by the Buyer shall be borne by the Buyer, unless the withdrawal from the contract was caused by even temporary inability of the Seller to perform services characterised by properties specified by the Buyer.